ITU - Arab Regional Cybersecurity Center

Partnership Development Program

The partnership development program is an initiative of ITU-ARCC that is provided to its constituent and stakeholders. It is a formal cooperation with the cybersecurity industry, Critical National Information Infrastructure (CNII), Academia and professionals. The program provides a set of benefits to each category of the partners where all can benefit from each other.

Our Objectives

Prioritize and plan the delivery of the services to interested partners

Enable partners to plan their engagements and participations in ITU-ARCC programs and events

Enable Partners to secure a set of benefits for each partnership category

Cybersecurity Industry Partner 2019

Industry partner is any company or institution delivering services or trainings in the cyber security field. The table below shows the set of benefits the partner gains out of this partnership.


Critical National Information Infrastructure Partner 2019

This category of partnership is targeting the Critical National Information Infrastructure (CNIIs). That is including oil& gas sector, electricity, water, logistics and telecommunication sectors...etc.


Academy & Research Partner

This partnership category is targeting any higher education or research development institutions, form private sector or public one.


Non-Profit Partner


Cybersecurity Professional Partner

Professional partner is any individual cyber security expert willing to work with ITU-ARCC in delivering projects, trainings or participating in ITU-ARCC events. The table below shows the benefits professional partner gains out of being a partner.